Thinking Style

Understanding my own thinking style is an important part of being an efficient learner. As a Concrete Random learner, I am a hands-on learning. I learn best by experimenting, trying things out, and seeing what works and what does not work.

I think that this is a good match to DBC's way of teaching. While learning through tutorials and written material is great, it is only once you are able to sit down and build things - something that DBC highly encourages - that the material will be internalized.

My learning style has not been a struggle for me so far in Phase 0. What has been a struggle for me is time management. In particular, as the responsibilities at my regular job heat up, I am finding myself struggling more and more to keep my head above water.

I am a complete convert to the growth mindset. I believe that, with diligent and purposeful effort, anyone can in fact learn anything. Furthermore, I also believe that it is the student that is most responsible for their learning and for making their experience what they'd like it to be.