DBC - Paying for an Experiment

I didn't watch the entire fireside chat video - though I plan to come back to it when I have more time. The material that I did see raised a few topics that I think are important to talk about.

Some folks might be scared about the possibility of shelling out hard-earned money for the privilege of being guinea pigs. They may prefer a structured curriculum, as well as a structured environment, that all but ensures they will be employable after graduating from the program. Personally, however, I prefer a program in which students are allowed to take ownership of their education. I find programming to be a rewarding and interesting activity in its own right. I have been learning it on my own, and don't think I will run into any problems in terms of self-motivation. I also believe that individuals learn best if they find the material interesting. A curriculum that allows its students to own what and how they learn ensures engagement with the material. This confidence in my self-motivation to learn the material and in the belief that DBC will ensure we are exposed to a full stack of technologies makes a hands-off curriculum a great fit for me.

On another topic, one of the more interesting topics broached during the fireside chat was individuals who feel that they know too much or not enough. I find DBC's awareness of this issue and their willingness to bring it up to be a very positive sign. It shows, to me at least, that they are actively listening to and observing their students in an attempt to improve the curriculum. It is also comforting to know that everyone else is feeling these emotions.