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AJAXifying a Create Request via a Modal - Part 2 - Code

The second part of a blog post on my recent contribution to the RailsBridge Bridge Troll
Tags: ruby rails ajax

AJAXifying a Create Request via a Modal - Part 1 - Problem and Tools

A blog post on my recent contribution to the RailsBridge Bridge Troll
Tags: ruby rails ajax

Lessons from Ruby Koans - Arrays

A list of interesting findings as I work through the Ruby Koans.
Tags: ruby koans arrays

Flash Messages in Rails

How to implement flash messages in Rails.
Tags: ruby rails flash-messages

The Pundit Gem - Conceptual Notes

Conceptual notes on how the Pundit gem works.
Tags: rails ruby pundit gems

Namespacing Controllers in Rails

The What, the Why, and the How of Controller Namespacing in Rails
Tags: rails ruby namespacing

Learning for Advanced Beginners

How I achieve a basic level of proficiency with new technologies.
Tags: learning beginners

Technical Debt - Moving My Blog to Jekyll

My modest encounter with technical debt.
Tags: technical-debt jekyll

What Makes a Good Question

Asking clear, concise, and complete questions is a crucial skill for a developer.
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What is NoSQL

NoSQL databases have risen in popularity over the last few years. This post is an 101-type introduction to some of the reasons why.
Tags: nosql sql databases

Ruby Enumerable Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet of some very common Enumerable methods.
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DBC represents a career change for me. In this post, I enumerate why I believe programming is the correct career for me.
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Hashes and Objects in Ruby and JavaScript

How do Ruby Hashes and JavaScript objects compare? What are the major differences and similarities?
Tags: javascript ruby hashes objects

Stereotype Threat

What is Stereotype Threat? And why is it so controversial?
Tags: stereotype

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

In this post, I will discuss Object-Oriented Programming concepts, focusing specifically on the different types of variables and the scopes in which they are accessible.
Tags: object-oriented

Arrays and Hashes

In this post, I will discuss two fundamental data structures in Ruby - arrays and hashes.
Tags: arrays hashes ruby

Ruby Classes

In this post, I discuss Ruby classes. In particular, I will go over how to define a class, how the initialize method works, and how to use instance variables and methods.
Tags: ruby classes

Feedback in DBC

Feedback is a critical component of the DBC experience. In this post, I touch upon how feedback has shaped my DBC experience thus far.
Tags: feedback dbc

Tech Issues - Security

The division between our digit lives and our "real" lives continues to blur, increasing the importance of cybersecurity in protecting our civil liberties.
Tags: security

Enumerable Methods

In this blog post, I will discuss the Enumerable moduel in Ruby, and three of its methods.
Tags: ruby enumerable group_by map cycle

Thinking Style

Understanding my own thinking style is an important part of being an efficient learner.
Tags: thinking

CSS Design

Margin, borders, and padding are fundamental topics in CSS. I will explain their use in this post.
Tags: css design

DBC - Paying for an Experiment

In this post, I will touch upon DBC, and the fact that the onus of learning the material resides with the student, not the teacher / program.
Tags: dbc learning

Git, GitHub, and Version Control

One of the first topics encountered by individuals trying to break into programming is the idea of version control. In this post, I will clarify version control through an analogy that most individuals are familiar with.
Tags: git github vcs