Steven Leiva

Software Developer, Technologist, Rails Developer

Hi, I'm Steven Leiva

I am a Software Developer based in the NYC area. I have a professional background in finance and economics, as well as an MBA degree from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

I am a technologist at heart, and I am always interested in endeavors that will marry that passion with my business acumen. My interests are crafting beautiful code, creating compelling products, and building thriving businesses.

Let's build something together.


Here is a sampling of my work. Please visit my GitHub profile for more!

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An instantaneous and hyperlocal communal sharing application that seeks to digitize the process of having and being a good neighbor.


Turtle-Overlow is a clone of the popular Stack Overflow site. It was built as an exercise to explore Rails's ActiveRecord and association features.

Survey Gorilla

Survey Gorilla is an end-to-end survey creation and poll-taking app. Survey Gorilla was built primarily on Sinatra, jQuery, and ActiveRecord.

Web Flash Cards

Web Flash Cards is a web-based flash card application. The application allows users to choose a deck of cards to play a mode of play.

Learn Ruby on Rails

Learn Ruby on Rails is a tutorial by Daniel Kehoe for Rails beginners. The tutorial includes, among other features, transaction e-mail.

Jumpstart's Blogger 2

Jumpstart's Blogger 2 tutorial is a simple blogging system exploring the basics of Ruby on Rails, including MVC, Routing, Migrations, etc.

Rails Tutorial

Michael Hartl's famous Rails Tutorial teaches how to build real, industrial-strength applications using Rails, exploring all the framework's features.